Managed IT Support

At IT Intelligence we have a laser focus on exceeding your expectations on the provisioning and management of information technology.

Whether your requirements are enterprise-scale or a single office, at the end of the day, you’re seeking the same thing – you’d like to be sure your information technology is running reliably, cost-effectively, and delivering as planned.

We have managed services solutions for desktops, servers, networking infrastructure, back ups and storage – you can choose equipment or a solution in isolation or a combination to suit your needs.

We provide a comprehensive outsourced IT package tailored to your needs. You can choose what you want us to do, or you can ask us to advise you on what would be best. We’ll adapt our offering to suit your specific needs. These can be delivered through the cloud or on premise.

Our managed services are more than a reactive help service; our team can also monitor and log any issues arising within your IT systems, which helps us track any trends or recurring issues. In this way, we’re able to identify and address the root cause of a problem instead of patching over the symptoms. We also seek to eliminate recurring problems, fix new issues the first time, and streamline planning and future implementation requirements.

We’re constantly improving the effectiveness and the productivity of your team. Outsourcing your IT with IT Intelligence, you can gain round-the-clock access to a team of leading IT experts, while reducing your overall IT maintenance costs. What a great way to maximise your IT return on investment.