Project Services

Our unique approach to delivering solutions either technological or procedural is designed to ensure that the desired business outcomes are achieved. This approach includes a structured project management methodology that:

  • Communicates a clear plan of actions and identifies responsibilities
  • Continually updates the client’s expectations and requirements
  • Tracks and controls expenditure and time progress
  • Measures success and completion against business outcome requirements, not just solution capabilities

Our project management approach is scalable, capable of dealing with small intricate projects through to multi-million dollar infrastructure development. Delivery is undertaken by professional consulting staff with qualifications in business management, engineering, and project management disciplines.

T Intelligence project management methodology provides the necessary tools for our project managers to manage a successful project. The program has been developed specifically for internal use by IT Intelligence Consulting, using standardised IT Intelligence document tools. It is a full-scale project management methodology that provides an organised, yet flexible management and control framework within which a project can be managed. The project management methodology defines the roles, responsibilities, techniques, management processes and control methods required to ensure the successful (quality, on-time and on-budget) outcome of any project.