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Translating Technology Solutions Into Business Relationships

IT Intelligence is about people and developing trusted relationships. We provide sensible and reliable advise at a business and technical level. We also provide excellent cost effective solutions to our valued customers.

From concept to delivery and beyond, IT Intelligence is a true service company supporting your organization at all stages of the technology and customer life cycle. From concept evaluation to solution design, implementation, ongoing technology and service support, IT Intelligence completes the circle.

At IT Intelligence, we believe that technology should advance the company objectives, not obstruct them. No matter how big or small, our technology solutions are outcome focused. Before implementing solutions, we work closely with our clients to help build a comprehensive understanding of the issues and opportunities that need to be covered.

IT Intelligence has a strong focus on customer services and an understanding of the constraints of a small business IT budget.

We apply the same principles to all clients. While we understand that the need for a solution is often urgent, we still take care to understand the objectives and deliver the most appropriate services. Our clients are often pleasantly surprised when we offer them a more cost effective option than they had expected.

IT support and maintenance services provide you with access to skilled and experienced, Australian-based technical experts who will assist you like your own dedicated IT team. IT Intelligence delivers support quickly, efficiently and usually cheaper than you can deliver them yourselves. For those customers that require a larger, dedicated IT support function for their staff and partners, the IT Intelligence service desk is the excellent choice and offers a local-based team that is on hand 24 hours a day.

With over 20 staff comprising sales & marketing, engineering, project management & consulting and administration across offices in Sydney and Ba in the Fiji Islands and we have gained Specialist knowledge and skills in markets including banking & finance, manufacturing, government & education, freight forwarding and corporate environment.

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