Other Products

Tablet PC
Tatung Tablet PC runs Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and features the capabilities of current laptops and the ability to run Windows-based application, with extends of digital pen and speech capabilities.

Web Pad
A wireless internet terminal that has outstanding features of light weight, long battery hours, broadband wireless and full Web browsing capabilities.

Wireless LAN
We offer Tatung’s quality products that are made with “Radio frequency awareness.” Wide selection of Wireless PCMCIA cards. USB adaptors, PCI adapter, Access Point, Wireless router and Wireless ADSL Router Multiple standards to cover IEEE 802.11b, b+, a, g and security based on IEEE 802.1X products. Best cost/performance guaranteed.

Fingerprint Optical Capture Device
Provides security with data transferring. Gets fingerprint images in a second, and verifies with the fingerprint database immediately.

Fingerprint Door Guard
The Automatic Guard DSP Module combines the Optical sensor and digital signal process board to form the most powerful Biometrics application device.

USB Flash Memory
The USB Drive is the smallest and safest way to protect your files while strong or transferring them. When the USB Drive is inserted into a computer, it shows up as another drive in Windows Explorer then simply you can use like as other hard drive.